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Our comprehensive generator maintenance and 24/7 emergency call‑out repairs services provides the reassurance you need

Our comprehensive generator maintenance and 24/7 emergency call-out service provides the reassurance you need. Genovate is one of the UK’s leading providers of generator maintenance services for flexible and emergency power generation.
Generator maintenance is crucial to running an efficient generator, trust us, it’s more than oil changes and emergency assistance.
We offer full-service generator maintenance packages, which minimise the need for repairs and maximise generator reliability and longevity, saving our customers money in the long run.
Generator Maintenance and Repairs Services

24 Hour Call Out Service

At Genovate we offer round-the-clock care to all of our servicing and maintenance customers. We have a network of highly skilled electrical engineers located at hubs across the United Kingdom and Ireland meaning we’re never too far away to help. Our average call out time is less than two hours.

Once we receive a call, we dispatch one of our generator maintenance service engineers to analyse and repair the problem immediately. All of our engineers carry an extensive range of stock and spare parts including: switchgear, cable plugs and couplers, contractors, changeovers, terminals and enclosures. So most issues can be easily resolved in one visit.

Not a Customer?

That’s not a problem, we are able to offer emergency call out services to anyone in the United Kingdom and Ireland for one-time fees. Call our emergency number 0800 689 0597 for support.

Telephone support

Another aspect of our generator maintenance service is our telephone support team. As part of our commitment to efficiency and simplicity for our customers, we’re proud to have a trained telephone support team who can offer you over-the-phone advice on any issues, concerns or questions you have about your generator. In many cases problems can be solved with a telephone diagnosis and if not, our operators can dispatch a generator maintenance service engineer straight to you.

Regular testing and servicing

Regular testing and servicing is the only way you can be sure your generator will start when you need it and is essential to a healthy generator. With our, industry leading generator maintenance service, our skilled electrical engineers will visit you wherever you are in the United Kingdom.

The frequency of visits will depend on your application and power requirements. During these regular site visits, our engineers will run important checks, tests and analysis to ensure your generator is running smoothly.

If they encounter any issues or faults, they will change or repair any areas of concern so you can be sure your generator will be ready to start when you need it.

Don’t leave it to chance. Go with a name you can trust. There’s no better team than Genovate Power Solutions to provide you with generator maintenance services.

Generator Maintenance and Repairs ServicesGenerator Maintenance and Repairs Services

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