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Delivering critical emergency power solutions

Emergency power also known as back-up power or standby power is a crucial investment in many applications where switching off is simply not an option.
Power cuts have a mysterious ability to strike at the most inconvenient times, and if a power cut hits a place of work it can bring entire businesses to a complete standstill costing thousands of pounds. With an emergency power solution in place, businesses can continue to work unaffected whatever the weather.

Emergency power falls into two categories:

Partial protection - Standby generators, typically diesel, which will start automatically within 5-10 seconds of a detected loss of mains power

Total seamless protection - Not only are there standby generators that start in 5-10 seconds, there is also a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) system which supplies power for that short period before the standby generators have started up.

UPS systems are key for Hospitals, Financial Institutions, Data Centers, Security Forces, Banks or any mission critical site where the loss of power however momentary, would cause incalculable disruption.

We offer turnkey back up power solutions for these emergency situations when mains power is interrupted.


Service and Maintenance

Emergency power has to start first time every time, for this reason maintaining emergency power equipment is crucial.

With our emergency power maintenance service we regularly check and test your engines so you can trust they will start when you need them.

Our expertise and effective management can help clients from initial concept through to energisation