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Specialists in providing robust engine-based power solutions

We are a specialist in the design, planning and installation of power systems for all major market requirements. We work with many of the UK's leading companies delivering critical power in gas generators, diesel and propane driven solutions.
Please see below for information on our gas generator range in UK.

Gas Generators

Ranging from 25kW to 2MW in a single unit, our gas generators are easy to install, operate, service and maintain.

These gas generators can be connected in parallel with the grid or as a single unit (island) operation.

The advantages of using gas are far lower running costs, reduced environmental impact, high efficiency and a virtually smoke-free operation, as well as being quick and easy to install.

The combustion of natural gas is cleaner than conventional fossil fuels. The patented fuel system and advanced engine design ensure emission regulations are met. Compared to diesel power generation, gas generators have much lower Sulphur, NOx and Greenhouse gas emissions. The reduction in environmental impact is not only confined to lower emission levels but also the eliminated need for storage tanks or fuel deliveries via highly-polluting tankers. Genovate have a range of gas generators in UK, ideal for emergency or planned maintenance, or to meet peak-season power requirements where a temporary solution is the most cost-effective option.

As the UK Government intends energy suppliers to be subject to a Renewables Obligation until 31 March 2027, the use of gas generators in UK can help suppliers to meet their obligations by presenting sufficient Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs). This may mean you're eligible for Government incentives.

Details for Siemens HGM, SGE-EM and SFGLD range

Diesel Generators

Diesel generators that are both quiet and efficient.

Kohler-SDMO doesn’t compromise on quality or compliance. We chose to partner with this supplier simply because their diesel generators are the best on the market. They combine optimum power output with a low sound level, even in extreme climates. These superbly energy-efficient diesel generators are equipped with engines which keep pollutant emissions to the absolute minimum.

We can provide diesel generators capable of providing between 12 and 2500k, meaning we have a solution for every energy generation need.

Take a look at our range below:

Propane gas

Propane gas, also known as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or propane autogas, has many properties that make it a versatile fuel. Propane generators can be used when access to natural gas isn't available, as a backup fuel if the natural gas supply is interrupted and as a greener alternative to diesel.

Storage - Propane can be stored onsite, either above or below ground, without risk of ground or groundwater contamination.

Emissions - Propane is an environmentally friendly fuel both before and after combustion and therefore does not leave a detrimental impact on the environment. This means propane generators burn much cleaner than their diesel counterparts, producing a lot fewer carbon emissions per Btu.

Our range of Siemens S Series Propane generators combines high performance with low life-cycle costs making them an excellent solution for Power Generation, Cogeneration and Trigeneration processes when pipeline fuel is not available.

The S Series propane generators are electronically carbureted and it’s engines have an output range from 520 to 1350kWb at 50Hz and 60Hz.

With a high-performance Miller cycle design, this series also features turbochargers and single or double stage air cooling.

The S Series propane engines are supplied as a standalone engine, Genset or a fully containerised unit and may also include a fully integrated GCS-Engine and GCS Genset control system if required.

Siemens Propane engines and gensets

Our expertise and effective management can help clients from initial concept through to energisation