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Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR)

Genovate are now providing Selective Catalytic Reducers (SCR) solutions for the emissions market, replicating our established position in the UK Capacity Market.

Genovate now offer the UK static engines emissions abatement market:

SCR solutions are being utilised for Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) compliance in the following areas for electricity producers and plant owners (non-exhaustive):




What is an SCR?

SCRs (selective catalytic reducers) typically use two stages of catalyst (oxidation and a SCR specific catalyst) with a urea mixing chamber in order to reduce nitrous oxide emissions (NOx). These type of emissions are typically emitted in high amounts from internal combustion engines. The technology is a good post-combustion system that can either be built into a new generator, or be retrofitted to engines and generators, so that less NOx is emitted into the atmosphere and the local ambient air is thus ‘cleaner’.

The technology originated within Japanese academia, and was first used in a large commercial / civil air quality type applications within Switzerland. It has since proven to be a suitable technology to assist within a myriad of other industries, and in turn is now a feasible solution for the Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD)

Market Forecast

It is expected that energy security on the National Grid will become more scarce over the next few years, increasing electricity export prices. This will result in energy providers who are running for STOR and Fast Frequency Response (FFR) having more opportunities to export if they have an SCR solution fitted. SCR installation in many cases also allow engines to operate in a more fuel efficient way, increasing plant efficiency.

During this current UK Parliament, further emissions abatement legislation will be proposed. We therefore intend to future proof our emissions reduction technology to allow easy retrofitting of equipment should any future legislative compliance needs arise. We anticipate that MCPD and similar standards in the urban air quality and marine sectors will continue to roll across Western Europe in the medium term.

Based on the above, we welcome energy asset owners to contact us in order to discuss your requirements further.

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